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3 Things to do This Fall (To Stay Fit)!

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Striped Varsity Pants

Striped Varsity Pants

Adapting your workout schedule around the changing season can be a frustrating experience. Especially since your body has completely adjusted to the new trend and is starting to respond to your regime! But if you can mix business with pleasure, we mean, fun with your regular workouts, then fall time would be nothing short than fun time!

Go camping!

Turn off your constantly buzzing cell phone and forget about checking out e-mails every now and then; take a break from the mundane and experience the wilderness in its natural original state. Camping is super fun if you take it to the next level and actually put up and tent outdoors and cook food outside; and of course, work out outdoors!

Take your pet for a walk!

Got a dog at home? Great! You already have a faithful buddy at home who wouldn’t let you miss a single fitness appointment in the outdoors! Take him out regularly in the late mornings for a brisk walk! This way, he would be tired out and enjoy a good day’s rest while you go out to work and you would be fully ready for a day after recharging your batteries with fresh air!

Practice yoga at home!

If you’re hesitant and it’s chilly to go out for a run or a walk, stay indoors and practice yoga listening to the chants of vedic mantras! A perfect way to detox, you can try this out at home. Needless to say, yoga, one of the most ancient spiritual practices, will keep your body and mind strong and healthy!

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