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5 Things that Happen When you Lose Weight!

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Remarkawool Turtleneck Chevron

Remarkawool Turtleneck Chevron

Everyone tells you about the things you need to get done to get those pounds burning; but no one tells you what to do when you actually start to lose those pounds. Here are a few things that can you might encounter…

  1. You’re superwoman now! What happens when you start losing weight is that you gain stamina! Got to carry pounds of groceries up 5 floors? You’re no longer sweating and heaving! Walking long distances? Piece of cake! You might even be tempted to seriously consider taking part in a walk-a-thon!
  2. Your clothes no longer fit you! This is the best time to live out of a minimalist closet! Just shop for a few pieces in those in-between sizes and style away like never before! With fewer choices, you’re bound to look for alternate styling options and you might just surprise yourself!
  3. You find muscle sore and mild pain greatly reassuring! That soreness you feel at the back of your calves after a long running session; yeah, well, that feels greatly comforting; ‘cos you know, your body is responding to your workout regime!
  4. You actually look forward to your workout sessions! As much as you used to dread them, now you actually like them and even look forward to them!
  5. Your workout clothes have become a hot new topic of discussion! ‘cos you seem to wearing them all the time and nothing but the best will do it for you!

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