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5 Things you Need for Winter Running!

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Juliette Beanie by Pistil™

Juliette Beanie by Pistil™

Running is the best form of working out! It has many benefits and gives a complete body workout for all the muscles in your body! So, if you’re looking to use winter as an excuse to stay indoors and not workout, it’s simply not acceptable! Here are a 5 winter workout essentials that can make running fun again…

  1. Leggings or jogger pants with compression-enabled panels help hold your muscles intact while running, and also double up as an additional layer providing warmth!
  2. A light sweatshirt, if you live in the colder zones, is the best way to keep you warm during your run! You can even throw on a lightweight sweater here to keep you warm!
  3. A lightweight parka jacket with shearling lining on the inside makes for a great winter workout accessory while keeping you cozy!
  4. While most people remember to layer up with a sweater and a parka during their runs, they tend to forget covering their heads with a beanie! It’s a fact that majority of the body heat is lost through your heads and wearing a beanie will definitely help keep you warm and cozy!
  5. The worst part of running in the cold is cold fingers that can make you feel chilly on the whole; wear lightweight mittens or gloves and stay warm!

But before you dismiss running as workout only meant for serious athletes, remember one thing: Summer bodies are earned in the winter! So, keep running and keep fit! Shop for winter accessories at Athleta now and save a sweet 20% on your purchase with Athleta online coupons! Just enter the Athleta coupon code WROKIT at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer ends by November 29, 2015.