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Go on an Active Date

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Sweet Water Dress

If you love fitness and health, you’d want to find someone who loves fitness almost as you do; for such couples, a great way to date would be take your special guy on an ‘active date’. Here are a few active date ideas to find out if your date is on the same page as you…

Rock climbing: You don’t have to drag your date to a tricky mountain trail for the sake of rock climbing, take him for a fun date at any indoor rock climbing getaway and explore your options with different difficulty levels.

Nature trails: Avid fans of nature and adventure can club the two together for a mid-morning fun date amidst lush greenery and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of nature trails. Walk if you want, jog if you’re in the mood for it, or just walk around with a picnic basket and enjoy a quiet brunch date with your special guy.

Fitness classes: You don’t have to sign up for a month-long course just for one date, there are a number of fitness studios that offer one-sitting classes for couples who are looking to explore new fitness routines. Just search for such a service in your area and make use of it.

Trampoline: Ah, so you thought the trampoline was just for kids! Think again! Not only is it a great way to get some muscles working but it’s also a fun way to laugh at yourselves.

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