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Why is Athleisure so Popular?

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Trends are like waves in the ocean. They are never constant; they come and go; some might stay for a short while but others never last for more than a certain season. But athleisure is a trend that has successfully managed to move into the mainstream fashion world straight out of the confines of sweaty gym lockers and gym bags. When you think of athleisure you cannot help but wonder how blending just the right dose of comfort and glamor can become so successful! Here are a few reasons why athleisure is so popular…

  • We’ve been trying to get away with wearing leggings and a casual top for so long that the simple introduction of athleisure has worked wonders for many women. Now, you can walk around freely in leggings and tunic top or a long tee shirt and not have to be afraid of naysayers.
  • This is very obvious, but athleisure offers an unmatched level of comfort! When you’re not up for getting dressed and going out, a simple set of leggings and tee shirt will do, just as when you wantto step up with a pair of printed leggings and a cute summer dress!
  • There are a whole lot of options when it comes to picking out athletic wear. You can choose from a number of styles, fit, colors, textures, fabrics and more.

While some strongly believe that athleisure is a fad that will soon fade away, we think it’s going to stay here for a while. So what are you waiting for? Shop at Athleta before May 2, 2016, and avail a free 2 day shipping on orders above $50 using Athleta online coupons. Just enter the Athleta coupon code SHIPFREE at checkout to claim this deal. Hurry!