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Athleta: Where Sports Meets Fashion!

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Chi Tank Blossom Print

Chi Tank Blossom Print

It’s a wonderful thing to watch; when the world of sports and fashion collide! It’s just beautiful! And, trust us when we say this, it’s not a common phenomena just reserved for women, even the men folk are surprisingly judged by how good they look! If you had to imagine a David Beckham without his crazy haircuts (thanks to him for introducing the Mohawk) and stylish suits, it would really be hard picturing him as such! The same thing applies to women as well! And, if anyone told you this world was a bit biased for women, well, don’t believe them!

Take for instance some stylish athletes like Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, American figure skater Sasha Cohen, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams! These ladies are proof that the elusive place where talent meets looks is the best pace to be right now!

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