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How to Buy a Great Sweater!

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Merino Marina Sweater

Merino Marina Sweater

There are plenty of ways to wear a sweater! But in order to look good in one, you need to have a sweater that’s great; not just in terms of style and color but one that suits your every requirement! Here are some pointers that might help you pick out one…

Material! One of the most important things you need to look for before making a purchase is the material of the sweater. You have a lot of options like Merino, cashmere, alpaca, linen and silk out which sweaters are constructed. Some of them like Merino wool and Cashmere might be a bit pricey but trust us when we say this, these materials offer great warmth and comfort as compared to their cheaper alternates made from cotton or polyester!

Color and style! While investing in a sweater (we say investment, because sweater is a piece that, if maintained well, can last for years to come, if you just choose the right material and type) be sure to pay attention to the color and style of the sweater! Basic colors like black, navy, white, gray, oatmeal and off-white are classic colors that can work with any wardrobe but some special colors like burgundy, bright orange, peach and other soft colors can be a bit tricky to wear but if you know your style and your options, you can easily style them to look great!

Size! Pay attention to the size of your sweater before hitting the checkout point! Some sweaters are constructed in such a way to give you a loose fit while others give you a body-hugging fit! Never purchase a sweater of one fit hoping that you would either grow into it or lose weight to fit in! Shop for the right size!

Price! While looking for sweaters, we tend to look at the price tag first before checking out anything else! This is a big mistake! Instead of looking at the price tag, first pay attention to the material, color, size and style of your sweater and then only check the price tag to analyze if the particular piece is worth the said price! Do not use it as a deciding factor! ‘cos most of the time, a sweater that is priced a bit high tend to last longer and come with great texture, quality and offer warmth that surpasses the price factor that you have to shell to attain it!

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