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Kaleidoscope Shirred Halter Tankini

Kaleidoscope Shirred Halter Tankini

The past few winter months haven’t been so kind on your figure and given that it followed the happy-holiday period, you’re probably used to hitting the snooze button one too many times in the morning only to wake up with the feeling of guilt that you’ve missed out on your workout session, again! Well, ladies, here’s some good news! It’s spring already, which means you can now get out the house and work out in style, ‘cos it’s all warm and cozy and perfect to start your day with a long run!

But, being a new season and all, you can always celebrate it in style with a new trend; something that’s not totally off the charts, but something you can actually wake up to in the morning with a fresh face and a happy smile. How about swimming? With warm mornings and evenings, now is the perfect time for you to go for a swimming session at the local pool or if you haven’t had the chance to learn swimming before, now is the perfect time to sign up for a class!

Not just swimming, there are tones of alternate workout options available for you; you could always take up trekking, mountain climbing, spelunking or just try the good old surfing technique to lose some pounds and get back in shape to fit into those summer clothes you’ve been saving away!

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