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Emulate Lea Michele’s Trendy Hiking Attire with Athleta!

Luscious Turtle NeckThe American actress, Lea Michele was spotted on a morning workout on November 12. She looked trim and fit in a bright pink tee which she teamed with a pair of cropped black leggings. Getting a figure as enviable as hers is not an easy job! Or is it? Here is one way to lose that extra flab to look trim and beautiful – hiking! Follow Lea’s secret to a fit-bod.

Hiking is one exercise where you don’t have to break your back over impossible workout routines! Experts say that two and a half hours of hiking every week is more than enough to help maintain a healthy metabolism. Hiking is known to reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and many more!

In addition to improving your physical health, hiking also ensures a better state of mental well-being by helping you feel more relaxed and improving your sleep cycle. If all this isn’t enough, it provides the additional advantage of being one exercise were you can actually have fun! How? You get to hike with your friends and family, making it more fun and giving you more time together with your loved ones.

Now that you know about everything good that comes with hiking, follow in Lea’s footsteps and go on a hiking trip yourself. And before you start, make sure you gear up for the trip.

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