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Are These Excuses Holding You Back?

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Shock Capri

Shock Capri

So, you want to lose weight; you wish to be stronger and more powerful! And, you don’t want your mornings to be spent torn between catching a few more minutes of sleep, and going out to get that awesome workout you signed up for. Well, what’s holding you back?

Not enough time! Is time your excuse for not working out! Don’t let that excuse hold you back! Starting today, cover your mirrors with motivational quotes and images; they should be the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning. You could set your alarm to blast your favorite high-energy song loud to jolt you out of your sleep!

Not enough Information! Despite the urge to work out, many people hide behind ‘lack of information’ as the excuse. There is nothing hard about exercising; just find a basic routine, like running, that is easy, simple and one that you love, and stick to it. Wait for a few weeks for results to show up; nothing changes, then you try out another workout. But trust us when we say this, most of the time, your first routine will eventually become your favorite one because it will give you great results!

Not enough money! You don’t need an expensive gym membership or sign up for a yoga class to get fit; there are tons of useful Youtube videos that positively guide you to better self! As for your workout clothes, you can shop at Athleta using the Athleta online coupons and make a killer savings with each purchase! Apart from earning yourself a cool discount, you will also have a nice collection of clothes for your new routines.

Check out the wide collection of track pants, pants, joggers, capris, leggings, tops, tanks, swimwear, jackets, workout bras and more and pick the ones you fall in love with. Once you get to checkout, simply enter the Athleta coupon code EXTRA20 and grab an extra 20% off sale styles. Hurry, this offer is valid only till February 15, 2016.