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A Fitness Regime Fit for a Celebrity!

Relay TightsEver wondered what it would be like to live the life of a celebrity? All that money, glamour, red carpet events and cool dresses! But when you really start to think about it, is celebrity life as easy as it sounds?  No! First, there is the process of becoming a celebrity. Unless you are born to one, the road to attaining celebrity status is a long and arduous one. And second there is the BIG task of maintaining your position after you get there. Plus you have to look impeccable all the time; which pretty much sums up designer outfits, good make up and a toned figure.

But looking like a celebrity is easier than actually being one. Here are a few celebrity fitness secrets that you can try out -

Work-Out: Regular exercise is the key to a trim body. Most celebs are known to work out for at least an hour each day. Be it regular visits to the gym or yoga classes, make sure your muscles have ample work out.

Balanced Diet: The next step is starting a healthy diet. Although a lot of celebrities allow themselves relaxation on this step, they never go on an eating spree. Cut down on carbohydrates and sugar and make sure you include a lot of veggies in your diet plan.

Proper Sleep: Good health and sleep are directly connected. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours, you cannot really compensate for a good night’s sleep with naps during daytime.

Lots of Water: Drink lots and lots of water! It is very important to keep yourself hydrated if you are to have a fresh day and good skin. So no matter where you are and however meager a meal you get, be sure to take in lots of water.

Cleanliness: Always keep yourself clean. Take a shower after every workout and also wash your face after going out. Washing away the dirt and sweat will help keep your skin glowing.

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