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Gear-up for a Winter Run

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Fastest Track Tee

Fastest Track Tee

Running is by far one the best exercises for your body; not to mention a great and inexpensive way to lose those extra pounds. But running in winter poses its own challenges! Depending on how far you’re planning to run, the level of intensity of your runs and your tolerance to the cold, the ideal running gear for winter may vary. But here are some basics that keep you covered…

  1. Wear comfortable, breathable and sweat-wicking inner layers. A great bra or a tank top should suffice when you need to venture out in the cold.
  2. Don’t just jump on to the outer layer yet; wear a middle layer! A soft, full-sleeve cotton or jersey tee shirt or a form-fitting shell top will make great middle layers that offer warmth and comfort. As for outerwear, wear a sleeveless parka jacket or a hooded jersey jacket – but this choice depends entirely on your geography.
  3. Choose your bottom-wear according to your requirement! Some women really love wearing track pants for running while others show a preference for running capris and leggings. Most leggings and capris come with compression layers that offer additional support to your muscles and can be wonderful options for running.
  4. It goes without saying that you need a great pair of shoes for running! But layer it with a pair of light-weight socks for added comfort.
  5. Finally, don’t forget your beanie cap!

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