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Indoor Workouts for Winter!

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Downtown Track Pants

Downtown Track Pants

The bright glow of the sun and the soft warmth of sun-kissed days are perfect motivation to drag you out of bed for a workout; but that’s during the summer! What’s happens in winter is this: the alarm goes off at the stipulated time, you snooze it and then you snooze it again after 5 minutes, only to repeat the process every five minutes until you finally open your eyes long enough to shut off the alarm and snuggle back up into your comforter! But if you’re looking for some fun ways to break this routine, here they come…

Yoga! Forget the yoga mat, forget the yoga pants and forget everything else associated with good-old yoga! Just get out of bed and do some stretches! Then, switch on the TV and find some channels that show you some basic moves – that’s all you need to get your muscles worked up in winter!

Indoor cycling! While experts claim that indoor cycling has a lot of benefits, you can just do some cycling to get your thighs and lower leg muscles shapely-enough to wear that sexy dress for the Christmas party at your office! This high-intensity workout has a low impact which makes it a safe and convenient way to work out this time of the year!

Play with your pet! Your furry friend also needs some workout just like you and playing with him/her is just the perfect way to get sweating in this cold weather. A little game of tug-of-war or just running around chairs inside your home are great ways to get some calories burning! In addition to that, your pet will get used to regularly having a highly intense workout session with you that he would motivate you to get out of bed and play!

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