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Olympic Gold Medalist Torah Bright Ventures into Fashion Designing!

Snowboarding CostumeKnown for venturing into the famed sport of snowboarding at a tender age of two, Torah Bright, the Australian snowboarder, who won the Olympic Gold Medal in 2010, is back in news for all the right reasons. While the athlete’s sporting talent started very young, she mastered the winter sport at the age of eleven and began representing sports brand Roxy since then, which later paved her way into fashion.

While the fashion brand is well known for designing sports garments for women, Torah Bright in collaboration with Roxy has launched her new signature line of outerwear called Roxy Bright Collection. The designed compilation consist of patent snowboarding gear including bright jackets, oversized hoodies, trendy beanies, slim fit skiing pants and more.

Whining over the fact that she had to adjust into men’s snowboarding costume when she pursued her skiing career, the 26 year old Olympian takes pride in designing the exuberantly feminine Roxy Bright Collection. Working as a design collaborator for Roxy, the athlete went overboard, designing snowboard bindings, goggles, gloves and sweaters, whilst keeping her designs effeminate at large.

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