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5 Reasons Why Workout Clothes are the Only Clothes You Need

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Trekkie Pants

Trekkie Pants

Whether you’re trying to lose weight and need to get to a certain level of physical standards or, looking to maintain your slim physique, workout clothes are your go-to mantra for all and any season! If you’re not convinced with the above statement, here are 5 reasons that might just persuade you to believe in it…

  1. Workout clothes are great for lounging – they are made from super-elastic fabric that stretch every which way you desire and let you be comfortable at home without worrying about stretching out your clothes out, especially your pants that tend to form unsightly lumps at the knees when you sit cross-legged for long hours!
  2. If you intend to have a model-esque figure like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid without starving yourselves in the process, then you need to work out more often; which becomes all the more easy if you’re already dressed in workout clothes!
  3. After all the hard work you put into losing those pounds, you’d want to be noticed and appreciated for the same, right! What better way to achieve it than being dressed in workout clothes all the time!
  4. Workout clothes have sleek panels along with a strategic support system that offers the right amount of compression for your sore muscles, especially after a workout, that you feel like you could wear them all the time – and that feeling is just unbeatable!
  5. Because athleisure is sassy and it’s in! Athletic wear have long since attained an iconic status in fashion and is no longer that sweaty, stained mess it once used to be!

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January 15th, 2016

Say ‘Hello’ to a New You, this New Year!

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Colorburst Sonar Tights

Colorburst Sonar Tights

Having trouble keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? Don’t worry! You’re not alone! A lot of people make up grand plans and exciting resolutions only to give in to the regular humdrum of life and forget about them as the year progresses, especially when those resolutions have something to do with fitness and eating healthy! Well, not this year! Say ‘hello’ to a new ‘you’ this year, a new you that’s fitter, healthier and one that sticks to her goals.

Start with eating healthy; you don’t have to entirely forgo your love for pizza but limit those distractions to just once a week. Maintain a healthy schedule that includes waking up at a fixed time every morning and working out regularly! When it comes to working out, fitness experts suggest the ’21 day rule’ that applies to habits; they say that if you follow a strict ritual for 21 days that includes sleeping, waking up, eating and working out at the exact same time every day, then it becomes a habit! Start with something simple, just do a few push-ups and jumping jacks around your house and go from there; once these exercises become easy, switch to more taxing exercises that can help you burn more calories.

Just remember, doing something (even if it’s just one exercise) is better than doing nothing!

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January 2nd, 2016

How to Look Flawless in Workout Clothes

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Layer Up Fitted Top

Layer Up Fitted Top

How do the celebrities do it? No matter where they are, red carpet, streets or a post-gym sessions, they look flawless! If you also want to look flawless like the stars, here are a few must-have pieces to add to your workout attire…

A bright and colorful sports bra that can shine to your look from underneath your tank top – now this one practically comes with the stamp of approval from everyone. Plus, it’s a cool way to add a pop of color to your regular work wear clothes.

In order for your workout clothing to look stunning, keep the under layers form-fitting, and the outer layer loose and baggy! Also, make sure your outer layer is made from breathable fabric that can adjust to transition temperatures. This way, you won’t have to switch out your workout clothes with the changing season!

Wear leggings or cropped leggings! Celebrity workout styles are rampant with one or more models of leggings, and they all have one thing in common – they’re super dark in color. If you feel a pair of leggings might not work for you, opt for workout pants in darker hues.

And, finally don’t forget a good pair of sneakers. Experts suggest that you need to switch them out every 6 months or 500 miles; but you can also add style factor to the above statement.

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December 26th, 2015

Gear-up for a Winter Run

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Fastest Track Tee

Fastest Track Tee

Running is by far one the best exercises for your body; not to mention a great and inexpensive way to lose those extra pounds. But running in winter poses its own challenges! Depending on how far you’re planning to run, the level of intensity of your runs and your tolerance to the cold, the ideal running gear for winter may vary. But here are some basics that keep you covered…

  1. Wear comfortable, breathable and sweat-wicking inner layers. A great bra or a tank top should suffice when you need to venture out in the cold.
  2. Don’t just jump on to the outer layer yet; wear a middle layer! A soft, full-sleeve cotton or jersey tee shirt or a form-fitting shell top will make great middle layers that offer warmth and comfort. As for outerwear, wear a sleeveless parka jacket or a hooded jersey jacket – but this choice depends entirely on your geography.
  3. Choose your bottom-wear according to your requirement! Some women really love wearing track pants for running while others show a preference for running capris and leggings. Most leggings and capris come with compression layers that offer additional support to your muscles and can be wonderful options for running.
  4. It goes without saying that you need a great pair of shoes for running! But layer it with a pair of light-weight socks for added comfort.
  5. Finally, don’t forget your beanie cap!

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December 17th, 2015

How to Never Skip Your Morning Workout Again!

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Floral Crush Chaturanga™ Tight

Floral Crush Chaturanga™ Tight

No one wants to work out when the temperatures are dipping! It’s nice to just stay in bed when the show starts falling! Yes, there are a great many indoor workout ideas, but why should you stay in, when you can still have some fun? Here are a few tips that will help you to never miss a morning workout ever again…

The first step to ensure that you wake-up all ready and good for a workout is that you keep your night-time routine simple! Eat healthy and eat on time; this will ensure you get a healthy metabolism in the morning which will help you get up soon!

Next, keep your morning routine simple. You can start with a cup of non-caffeinated drink and then have a light snack. But don’t eat too much and don’t work out on an empty stomach!

Have a great playlist! As simple as this may sound, having a great list of songs to listen to on your workout can really boost up your energy levels and inspire you.

And, finally have a great set of workout clothes that will inspire you to workout in the morning. Something fashionable and something that will make you look good will be a great way to boost up your spirit!

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December 11th, 2015

Indoor Workouts for Winter

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Namaste Support Top Mesh

Namaste Support Top Mesh

It’s really hard to keep up your energy levels when the temperature is forcing you to lay low! Don’t let winter be just another excuse to pile on the pounds and lose that fabulous summer body that you’ve so hard to perfect! There are a number of workouts that don’t even require you to step out of your home. Here are a few options for you to consider…

Take up circuit training! Even if you’re a newbie to the regime, there are plenty of exercises that can help you maintain your fitness and even lose some extra fat without much effort. Circuit training is a great way to develop strength and cardiovascular endurance. It helps burn more calories and is an effective way of workout, almost as good as running!

If you don’t want to follow a routine, there are a few small exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, burpees, crunches and high knees that you can mix up and use to achieve a desired target. The best part about these free workouts is that they can be combined any way you like and each combination is great for working out a specific body part and to lose calories in a target area.

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December 10th, 2015

Running in Winter!

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Gel-Kinsei 5 Run Shoe by Asics®

Gel-Kinsei 5 Run Shoe by Asics®

Find it really hard to get out of bed in the mornings and head out for a run? So, do we! That’s why we thought we’d tell you about 4 great things about running in winter! Mind you, these can also be good motivators when you feel really bad that you have to go out and run, and not stay in bed like the rest of the population!

  1. Need a great summer bikini body? Well, you gotta earn it in winter! It might be cold (no newsflash there) and you might have tons of other things to do besides running, but if you battle the odds and actually do run, you burn all those extra calories and you finally get a little closer to that dream body you’ve always wanted than when you’re just sitting at home complaining it’s too cold to work out!
  2. It’s only cold if you stand still! It’s not just some verse you’d find clipped to a workout-addict’s mirror; it’s actually to be true! Run, and the cold just does not catch up with you!
  3. Running is a great way to work out all that pent-up energy and boredom! Bad day at work? Can’t decide what to do next? Work it out by going for a run! Running makes you feel better about yourselves and improves your confidence, which in turn improves your decision making skills – and, that’s just the road to recovery!
  4. Get a great pair of shoes! What better excuse to wear those bright neon runners than now when you can show them off?

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November 30th, 2015

5 Things you Need for Winter Running!

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Juliette Beanie by Pistil™

Juliette Beanie by Pistil™

Running is the best form of working out! It has many benefits and gives a complete body workout for all the muscles in your body! So, if you’re looking to use winter as an excuse to stay indoors and not workout, it’s simply not acceptable! Here are a 5 winter workout essentials that can make running fun again…

  1. Leggings or jogger pants with compression-enabled panels help hold your muscles intact while running, and also double up as an additional layer providing warmth!
  2. A light sweatshirt, if you live in the colder zones, is the best way to keep you warm during your run! You can even throw on a lightweight sweater here to keep you warm!
  3. A lightweight parka jacket with shearling lining on the inside makes for a great winter workout accessory while keeping you cozy!
  4. While most people remember to layer up with a sweater and a parka during their runs, they tend to forget covering their heads with a beanie! It’s a fact that majority of the body heat is lost through your heads and wearing a beanie will definitely help keep you warm and cozy!
  5. The worst part of running in the cold is cold fingers that can make you feel chilly on the whole; wear lightweight mittens or gloves and stay warm!

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November 27th, 2015

How to Survive a Winter Workout!

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Downalicious Deluxe Vest

Downalicious Deluxe Vest

While working out in the winter might seem like a grueling punishment to most, it is not something that can be avoided! But once you’ve prepared yourself psychologically, there’s nothing that can stop you from reaching your goal! Here’s a quick survival guide for a winter work out…

Warm up indoors! No matter what kind of sport or activity you’ve taken up for the season, make sure to do a couple of stretches and get yourself warmed up while still indoors! It might sound silly, ‘cos you’re actually going out to get worked up, but flexing your muscles early on can get your blood circulating and make your workouts less tiring and grueling!

While it’s not really possible to work out when the sun is shining at its peak, it would certainly help if you have sun light in your favor! Not to mention the umpteen number of vitamins that can you get with just some sun against your skin!

Wear proper workout gear! While it might sound like an expensive proposition to change your work out gear according to the seasons, it might help if you have the right gear! Just add a couple of layers like a hoodie or a puffer vest and keep working out as usual!

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November 19th, 2015

5 Things that Happen When you Lose Weight!

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Remarkawool Turtleneck Chevron

Remarkawool Turtleneck Chevron

Everyone tells you about the things you need to get done to get those pounds burning; but no one tells you what to do when you actually start to lose those pounds. Here are a few things that can you might encounter…

  1. You’re superwoman now! What happens when you start losing weight is that you gain stamina! Got to carry pounds of groceries up 5 floors? You’re no longer sweating and heaving! Walking long distances? Piece of cake! You might even be tempted to seriously consider taking part in a walk-a-thon!
  2. Your clothes no longer fit you! This is the best time to live out of a minimalist closet! Just shop for a few pieces in those in-between sizes and style away like never before! With fewer choices, you’re bound to look for alternate styling options and you might just surprise yourself!
  3. You find muscle sore and mild pain greatly reassuring! That soreness you feel at the back of your calves after a long running session; yeah, well, that feels greatly comforting; ‘cos you know, your body is responding to your workout regime!
  4. You actually look forward to your workout sessions! As much as you used to dread them, now you actually like them and even look forward to them!
  5. Your workout clothes have become a hot new topic of discussion! ‘cos you seem to wearing them all the time and nothing but the best will do it for you!

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November 17th, 2015