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Running in Winter!

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Gel-Kinsei 5 Run Shoe by Asics®

Gel-Kinsei 5 Run Shoe by Asics®

Find it really hard to get out of bed in the mornings and head out for a run? So, do we! That’s why we thought we’d tell you about 4 great things about running in winter! Mind you, these can also be good motivators when you feel really bad that you have to go out and run, and not stay in bed like the rest of the population!

  1. Need a great summer bikini body? Well, you gotta earn it in winter! It might be cold (no newsflash there) and you might have tons of other things to do besides running, but if you battle the odds and actually do run, you burn all those extra calories and you finally get a little closer to that dream body you’ve always wanted than when you’re just sitting at home complaining it’s too cold to work out!
  2. It’s only cold if you stand still! It’s not just some verse you’d find clipped to a workout-addict’s mirror; it’s actually to be true! Run, and the cold just does not catch up with you!
  3. Running is a great way to work out all that pent-up energy and boredom! Bad day at work? Can’t decide what to do next? Work it out by going for a run! Running makes you feel better about yourselves and improves your confidence, which in turn improves your decision making skills – and, that’s just the road to recovery!
  4. Get a great pair of shoes! What better excuse to wear those bright neon runners than now when you can show them off?

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