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Snowscape Crew

Snowscape Crew

The warm sun welcoming you with a fresh ray of sunshine is all that it takes to drag you out of the bed in the mornings and head out for a workout. But, this is a classic scenario for a typical summer month. But what about winter? It’s cold and drab and the weather outside is anything but welcoming to the fitness-freak inside you. So it’s quite understandable when you want to just hang up your work out gear and simply take a sabbatical for a few months. But you know better than anybody that when it comes to health, there’s just no sabbatical. You don’t take a rest when the mercury dips lower; you do something different or something outrageous and funny enough to keep you going? Need an example? Kate Hudson!

The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actress was recently spotted at the beaches of LA on Monday, November 10, 2014, practicing her killer Karate moves. The pretty star who’s confessed to being a big fan of outdoor workout regimes like running and athletics has just taken up the new sport as an alternative to stay fit during the cold months. She was dressed in a casual pair of gray shorts and a pink tee shirt and seen practicing her moves like a pro with all the right gear. Kate had on a set of matching hand-wrap in pink to go with her outfit. Fabulous way to stay fit during winter, don’t you think?

Like Kate you too could opt for alternative fitness regimes to keep yourself healthy and happy for the winter. Browse through the collection at Athleta to find amazing range of activewear for all your sporting and exercise needs. Shop now!