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Stay Motivated to Workout in Winter!

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Frontrunner Jacket

To stay motivated to work out during winter is by no means a small feat. It’s very difficult to drag yourself out of the bed in the mornings for a grueling session. The easy solution? Sleep-in during winter? Not a chance; for we bring you some tips on how to make your winter workouts really work for you.

Do some warm-up exercises while you’re still inside. Before you head out for jogging, do some squats, stretching exercises, a couple of butt kicks and leg swings. This should get enough blood pumping through your system to get you warmed up for an outdoor workout.

Winter is always a great time to find a new fitness method. Join a new fitness regime like yoga or dance and learn some hip-hop moves. May be you can use those moves the next time you go clubbing!

Winter workout is grueling enough as it is, you don’t have to do it alone. Join a class, dance with your friends or hang out at the gym; make some friends and together you can set up a weight loss schedule and see who hits the target first. Competition is always a healthy motivator to get you going!

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