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Tips for a Winter Workout!

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Downalicious Deluxe Vest

Working out is hard enough on ordinary days as it is, winter really complicates things. For starters, it’s practically too cold to step out. And, even if you do manage to drag yourself out of bed, you find that your entire driveway is covered in knee-deep snow. So you decide it’s best to hibernate the winter months. Well, don’t! Winter workout is just as important as summer workouts and can be just as fun. If you really understand your workouts, then you can tweak them up a notch to suit the new season.

  1. Don’t pile up on the layers to stay warm. That’s the first thing most people do, but that’s a myth. Adding layers only traps your body heat and sweat inside and increases your chances of getting a cold. Refrain from doing that, instead invest in a good puffer vest or jacket to stay warm during your workouts.
  2. One thing no one ever tells you about winter workouts is that you need to keep your ears warm. Wear ear mufflers or beanie caps, in case you don’t want to just wear headphones that cover your entire ears.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids. Just because you don’t sweat much during your winter workouts doesn’t mean you don’t have to drink water. Stay hydrated and make winter workouts fun and jolly!

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