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Wild Trekking Essentials: What to Pack for your Grand Adventure!

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Trekkie Capri

Trekkie Capri

Whether you’re trekking the world famous Inca trails or just going for a fun trekking trip locally, you’re going to need a good list of essentials to pack for your grand adventure. We’ve got you covered on the list part, for we have a comprehensive list of items you could possibly need during your trip; as for the shopping part, we’ve got you covered on that end too with a nice offer from Athleta – Free shipping on everything you shop from April 26, 2016 to May 2, 2016. Check out our list, get shopping and get ready for your weekend of fun.

While it goes without saying that a great backpack is a must, pick one in a size you can carry and then make the rest of your list. There is no point in having a ton of items packed tightly into a backpack you’re gonna need help carrying! Don’t forget the sleeping bag, tent essentials and extra ropes and kits for your trip.

As for food, you can always carry a liquid fuel stove if you want to cook, but check this one with your group. Also, pack a few bars of chocolates and health bars to keep you energy levels up during the trail. While it may sound obvious, you’re also going to need a good water bottle to keep yourself hydrated! Then come the ropes, trekking gear, first-aid kit, shoes, sandals and finally, trek-appropriate clothes. Talking of trekking-ready clothes, check out the new range of Trekkie Capri at Athleta. Perfect for spring, they are available as ankle-cropped, 3/4th, bermuda shorts to suit your requirement.

Well, that’s our list to get you started on packing for your weekend trek. Add your own requirements to the list and start packing; but before you do that, don’t forget to shop at Athleta before May 2, 2016, to avail free 2-day shipping! To avail the offer, you just have to shop for $75 or more; and, use the Athleta coupon code SHIPFREE at checkout!