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Workout Myths Busted!

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Swipe Sonar Tights

Swipe Sonar Tights

Staying healthy and fit is not a one-time thing! You see, the trouble is that, most people mistakenly presume that fitness is all about losing those extra pounds and, that once you’ve achieved your dream weight, then there’s nothing more that needs to be done and that you can simply maintain the same weight with proper diet! First, let’s say that this is a myth, and one that needs to be broken too!

For instance, let’s say that you’re still not in your ideal weight! So, you have a whole bunch of exercises and workout regimes that guide your towards that appropriate weight, right? So, once you get to your ideal weight after a whole lot of practice, you need to keep going! Of course, you can reduce the level of intensity on your workouts but under no circumstance can you opt out of workouts as a whole! The primary reason we recommend you to do this is that your body tuned on to a certain level of fitness and you can even say that, your body expects the same level of intense workout! If you don’t feed your body to that workout, then there is every possibility that you might go back to weight gain despite the diet!

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