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When you’re Not On Vacation!

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Active WearWe all know sports and activities play a great part in our life – until at least a certain age. Later, we outgrow the playful years and get so busy with our lives that we get totally cut off from these games. And it’s only during occasions or outings that we get to enjoy the sports spirit again. But, that does not bog us down! We never miss out sports on screen!

With summer almost at the finishing brim, everyone has got to get back to work, and it will be long before you get to enjoy the spirit again. But, hold on! We have got some of the fun games which you can try out even at home, during weekends.

Water always calls for fun! If not the beach, it could be your own swimming pool! But why not try something different this time? Heard about octopus? This underwater hockey can be real fun if you’re ready to hold your breath long.

Bring back the memories of Harry Potter with a game of Quidditch! You can invite over friends and relatives to your place or nearby park only to play this game sticking to the grounds rather than flying on a broom!

How are we to miss out on Treasure Hunt? A yet another amusing way to spend your weekend with your family and kids both indoors or outdoors!

All you need is to get out of your laptop and spend those happy moments with your family. Moreover, you can dress accordingly in comfortable clothes to keep up with the game spirit! Check out the range of activewear at Athleta which will fit all your needs. While you shop here, check for discounts rolled out on the site. And today is your lucky day, ‘coz you get to save a whopping 20% on dresses and 20% on sale styles. Please note that this offer is valid until November 10, 2013. Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Athleta coupon code ENJOY20 at checkout to avail the discount.

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