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5 Things you Need for Winter Running!

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Juliette Beanie by Pistil™

Juliette Beanie by Pistil™

Running is the best form of working out! It has many benefits and gives a complete body workout for all the muscles in your body! So, if you’re looking to use winter as an excuse to stay indoors and not workout, it’s simply not acceptable! Here are a 5 winter workout essentials that can make running fun again…

  1. Leggings or jogger pants with compression-enabled panels help hold your muscles intact while running, and also double up as an additional layer providing warmth!
  2. A light sweatshirt, if you live in the colder zones, is the best way to keep you warm during your run! You can even throw on a lightweight sweater here to keep you warm!
  3. A lightweight parka jacket with shearling lining on the inside makes for a great winter workout accessory while keeping you cozy!
  4. While most people remember to layer up with a sweater and a parka during their runs, they tend to forget covering their heads with a beanie! It’s a fact that majority of the body heat is lost through your heads and wearing a beanie will definitely help keep you warm and cozy!
  5. The worst part of running in the cold is cold fingers that can make you feel chilly on the whole; wear lightweight mittens or gloves and stay warm!

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November 27th, 2015

How to Survive a Winter Workout!

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Downalicious Deluxe Vest

Downalicious Deluxe Vest

While working out in the winter might seem like a grueling punishment to most, it is not something that can be avoided! But once you’ve prepared yourself psychologically, there’s nothing that can stop you from reaching your goal! Here’s a quick survival guide for a winter work out…

Warm up indoors! No matter what kind of sport or activity you’ve taken up for the season, make sure to do a couple of stretches and get yourself warmed up while still indoors! It might sound silly, ‘cos you’re actually going out to get worked up, but flexing your muscles early on can get your blood circulating and make your workouts less tiring and grueling!

While it’s not really possible to work out when the sun is shining at its peak, it would certainly help if you have sun light in your favor! Not to mention the umpteen number of vitamins that can you get with just some sun against your skin!

Wear proper workout gear! While it might sound like an expensive proposition to change your work out gear according to the seasons, it might help if you have the right gear! Just add a couple of layers like a hoodie or a puffer vest and keep working out as usual!

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November 19th, 2015

5 Things that Happen When you Lose Weight!

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Remarkawool Turtleneck Chevron

Remarkawool Turtleneck Chevron

Everyone tells you about the things you need to get done to get those pounds burning; but no one tells you what to do when you actually start to lose those pounds. Here are a few things that can you might encounter…

  1. You’re superwoman now! What happens when you start losing weight is that you gain stamina! Got to carry pounds of groceries up 5 floors? You’re no longer sweating and heaving! Walking long distances? Piece of cake! You might even be tempted to seriously consider taking part in a walk-a-thon!
  2. Your clothes no longer fit you! This is the best time to live out of a minimalist closet! Just shop for a few pieces in those in-between sizes and style away like never before! With fewer choices, you’re bound to look for alternate styling options and you might just surprise yourself!
  3. You find muscle sore and mild pain greatly reassuring! That soreness you feel at the back of your calves after a long running session; yeah, well, that feels greatly comforting; ‘cos you know, your body is responding to your workout regime!
  4. You actually look forward to your workout sessions! As much as you used to dread them, now you actually like them and even look forward to them!
  5. Your workout clothes have become a hot new topic of discussion! ‘cos you seem to wearing them all the time and nothing but the best will do it for you!

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November 17th, 2015

Indoor Workouts for Winter!

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Downtown Track Pants

Downtown Track Pants

The bright glow of the sun and the soft warmth of sun-kissed days are perfect motivation to drag you out of bed for a workout; but that’s during the summer! What’s happens in winter is this: the alarm goes off at the stipulated time, you snooze it and then you snooze it again after 5 minutes, only to repeat the process every five minutes until you finally open your eyes long enough to shut off the alarm and snuggle back up into your comforter! But if you’re looking for some fun ways to break this routine, here they come…

Yoga! Forget the yoga mat, forget the yoga pants and forget everything else associated with good-old yoga! Just get out of bed and do some stretches! Then, switch on the TV and find some channels that show you some basic moves – that’s all you need to get your muscles worked up in winter!

Indoor cycling! While experts claim that indoor cycling has a lot of benefits, you can just do some cycling to get your thighs and lower leg muscles shapely-enough to wear that sexy dress for the Christmas party at your office! This high-intensity workout has a low impact which makes it a safe and convenient way to work out this time of the year!

Play with your pet! Your furry friend also needs some workout just like you and playing with him/her is just the perfect way to get sweating in this cold weather. A little game of tug-of-war or just running around chairs inside your home are great ways to get some calories burning! In addition to that, your pet will get used to regularly having a highly intense workout session with you that he would motivate you to get out of bed and play!

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November 10th, 2015

Workout Myths Busted!

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Swipe Sonar Tights

Swipe Sonar Tights

Staying healthy and fit is not a one-time thing! You see, the trouble is that, most people mistakenly presume that fitness is all about losing those extra pounds and, that once you’ve achieved your dream weight, then there’s nothing more that needs to be done and that you can simply maintain the same weight with proper diet! First, let’s say that this is a myth, and one that needs to be broken too!

For instance, let’s say that you’re still not in your ideal weight! So, you have a whole bunch of exercises and workout regimes that guide your towards that appropriate weight, right? So, once you get to your ideal weight after a whole lot of practice, you need to keep going! Of course, you can reduce the level of intensity on your workouts but under no circumstance can you opt out of workouts as a whole! The primary reason we recommend you to do this is that your body tuned on to a certain level of fitness and you can even say that, your body expects the same level of intense workout! If you don’t feed your body to that workout, then there is every possibility that you might go back to weight gain despite the diet!

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October 23rd, 2015

Workout Accessories for Winter!

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Polartec Beanie

Polartec Beanie

Working out is never an easy task. Even if you’re a regular who loves to jog a couple of miles a day, working out in winter can really be a chore. And, in the spirit of motivating you to work out this season, we’ve put together a list of some uber-cool accessories for you!

Sunglasses! Just ‘cos it’s winter doesn’t mean your eyes don’t need that extra layer of protection for your eyes. Studies have shown that UV rays are more powerful only during winter, so you certainly need those shades, specially designed to protect your eyes during workouts!

Water bottle! Just ‘cos it feels like you’re living in an igloo this season, doesn’t mean you can skip hydration! Carry a nice water bottle during your workouts and make sure to take a sip every couple of miles!

Hat! Beanie hats are a great accessory to keep you protected from the cold. What happens is that, during winter, the air tends to be loaded with moisture; and, when you breathe in this air laden with moisture you feel a bit dizzy, and for those really sensitive ones it might cause a headache! A beanie hat is a great solution for such conditions when you simply need something to keep you warm!

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October 18th, 2015

How to Buy a Great Sweater!

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Merino Marina Sweater

Merino Marina Sweater

There are plenty of ways to wear a sweater! But in order to look good in one, you need to have a sweater that’s great; not just in terms of style and color but one that suits your every requirement! Here are some pointers that might help you pick out one…

Material! One of the most important things you need to look for before making a purchase is the material of the sweater. You have a lot of options like Merino, cashmere, alpaca, linen and silk out which sweaters are constructed. Some of them like Merino wool and Cashmere might be a bit pricey but trust us when we say this, these materials offer great warmth and comfort as compared to their cheaper alternates made from cotton or polyester!

Color and style! While investing in a sweater (we say investment, because sweater is a piece that, if maintained well, can last for years to come, if you just choose the right material and type) be sure to pay attention to the color and style of the sweater! Basic colors like black, navy, white, gray, oatmeal and off-white are classic colors that can work with any wardrobe but some special colors like burgundy, bright orange, peach and other soft colors can be a bit tricky to wear but if you know your style and your options, you can easily style them to look great!

Size! Pay attention to the size of your sweater before hitting the checkout point! Some sweaters are constructed in such a way to give you a loose fit while others give you a body-hugging fit! Never purchase a sweater of one fit hoping that you would either grow into it or lose weight to fit in! Shop for the right size!

Price! While looking for sweaters, we tend to look at the price tag first before checking out anything else! This is a big mistake! Instead of looking at the price tag, first pay attention to the material, color, size and style of your sweater and then only check the price tag to analyze if the particular piece is worth the said price! Do not use it as a deciding factor! ‘cos most of the time, a sweater that is priced a bit high tend to last longer and come with great texture, quality and offer warmth that surpasses the price factor that you have to shell to attain it!

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October 9th, 2015

Athleta: Where Sports Meets Fashion!

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Chi Tank Blossom Print

Chi Tank Blossom Print

It’s a wonderful thing to watch; when the world of sports and fashion collide! It’s just beautiful! And, trust us when we say this, it’s not a common phenomena just reserved for women, even the men folk are surprisingly judged by how good they look! If you had to imagine a David Beckham without his crazy haircuts (thanks to him for introducing the Mohawk) and stylish suits, it would really be hard picturing him as such! The same thing applies to women as well! And, if anyone told you this world was a bit biased for women, well, don’t believe them!

Take for instance some stylish athletes like Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, American figure skater Sasha Cohen, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams! These ladies are proof that the elusive place where talent meets looks is the best pace to be right now!

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September 22nd, 2015

Stock Up on Workout Pants from Athleta!

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Ponte Moto Pants

Ponte Moto Pants

When fitness is your guiding mantra and a way of life, you know that investing in a good pair of athletic bottom-wear is a must! Especially since pants are the ones that bear the brunt of your grueling schedule and tend to wear out fast! The solution? Stock up on athletic when the sun is still shining! Or, in this case, while Athleta offers you a fabulous $10 discount on all full-priced pants and tights!

The Sonar! A new initiative from the fashion giant, this range specifically caters to high-intensity work outs that require extra support and comfort for your thighs and leg muscles. The Sonar range of bottom wear feature extreme compression panels that grip loose muscles in your leg and give you a comfortable yet snug fit! These tights also feature fast-wicking fabrics that absorb moisture keeping you comfortable and dry all through your workout session!

The Metro! For those that are open to the idea of exploring athletic wear as leisure wear an beyond, the metro collection is the one you need to watch out for! Featuring back-pocket pants in three different fits, yoga-pant comfy, breathable stretch knits and slouchy pants, the range caters to all your needs in such a way that you may just be tempted to kiss your jeans goodbye and adopt these pants big time!

The Ponte! Want to take your athletic wear to the next level? Check out the ponte collection at Athleta! The streamlined cut of the fabrics combined with seamless top stitching and strategically placed pockets make these babies the perfect options to rule the boardroom!

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September 17th, 2015

3 Things to do This Fall (To Stay Fit)!

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Striped Varsity Pants

Striped Varsity Pants

Adapting your workout schedule around the changing season can be a frustrating experience. Especially since your body has completely adjusted to the new trend and is starting to respond to your regime! But if you can mix business with pleasure, we mean, fun with your regular workouts, then fall time would be nothing short than fun time!

Go camping!

Turn off your constantly buzzing cell phone and forget about checking out e-mails every now and then; take a break from the mundane and experience the wilderness in its natural original state. Camping is super fun if you take it to the next level and actually put up and tent outdoors and cook food outside; and of course, work out outdoors!

Take your pet for a walk!

Got a dog at home? Great! You already have a faithful buddy at home who wouldn’t let you miss a single fitness appointment in the outdoors! Take him out regularly in the late mornings for a brisk walk! This way, he would be tired out and enjoy a good day’s rest while you go out to work and you would be fully ready for a day after recharging your batteries with fresh air!

Practice yoga at home!

If you’re hesitant and it’s chilly to go out for a run or a walk, stay indoors and practice yoga listening to the chants of vedic mantras! A perfect way to detox, you can try this out at home. Needless to say, yoga, one of the most ancient spiritual practices, will keep your body and mind strong and healthy!

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September 11th, 2015