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Start your Week with a Fabulous Treat from Athleta!

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Astra Dress

Astra Dress

Looking for another reason to make your day seem a little better? After all, it’s Monday, it’s the start of the week and you certainly have no intention of getting out of bed anytime soon; so, here’s some good news to brighten up your day (more like your week)! Athleta offers an exclusive 20% discount on all dresses. Fabulous, don’t you think? So do we; and here are a few picks that you must take a look before you head to the checkout…

The Astra dress is the latest addition of awesome pieces to join the collection at Athleta. Perfect for the summer, the dresses in this collection feature a loose and relaxed silhouette but come with a fitting elastic band at the waist that simply puts the ‘P’ in perfect! And, because these babies already come with a waist-cinching elastic belt, you don’t have to hunt for a belt in the morning; just jump into an Astra dress, grab your bag, fix your hair and don some cool bellies on your way out the door!

The next ones that you must check out are the striped beauties named Vida dresses. They come with a relaxed top and a fitting pencil skirt that almost make it seem like two different pieces.  And, as you already know, stripes are the hottest trends for the summer and it would literally be a crime if you don’t have a cute and sexy striped number in your closet now!

What are you waiting for? Start shopping now and get the best of summer dresses from Athleta before stocks run out. Simply enter the Athleta coupon code DRESS20 at checkout to avail a cool 20% off your dress purchase! Hurry, this offer is valid only until April 23, 2015.

Happy shopping with Athleta online coupons!

April 20th, 2015

Embrace a New-you with Athleta!

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Kaleidoscope Shirred Halter Tankini

Kaleidoscope Shirred Halter Tankini

The past few winter months haven’t been so kind on your figure and given that it followed the happy-holiday period, you’re probably used to hitting the snooze button one too many times in the morning only to wake up with the feeling of guilt that you’ve missed out on your workout session, again! Well, ladies, here’s some good news! It’s spring already, which means you can now get out the house and work out in style, ‘cos it’s all warm and cozy and perfect to start your day with a long run!

But, being a new season and all, you can always celebrate it in style with a new trend; something that’s not totally off the charts, but something you can actually wake up to in the morning with a fresh face and a happy smile. How about swimming? With warm mornings and evenings, now is the perfect time for you to go for a swimming session at the local pool or if you haven’t had the chance to learn swimming before, now is the perfect time to sign up for a class!

Not just swimming, there are tones of alternate workout options available for you; you could always take up trekking, mountain climbing, spelunking or just try the good old surfing technique to lose some pounds and get back in shape to fit into those summer clothes you’ve been saving away!

And, if you’re looking for workout clothes, Athleta is the ultimate one-stop solution for you. You can shop for anything from swimwear to yoga pants and have them shipped to your doorstep for free. Use the Athleta coupon code FREE2DAY at checkout to avail this offer. Hurry, this offer expires on April 1, 2015.

Happy shopping Athleta online coupons!

March 29th, 2015

The Humble Jersey Dress

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Printed Redondo Dress

Printed Redondo Dress

A sleeveless mini dress with a figure-flattering silhouette, draped details and a comfortable fabric build; what more could you ask for? Be it dressed up and fancy, simple and elegant or all-ready-for-work, there is just one dress that can give you the effortless grace and style that you need: the jersey dress!

It is common knowledge that jersey dresses are not only the most comfortable and figure-flattering outfits out there, they are also very easy to style. Since the silhouette of the dress is very forgiving to your curves, you can easily style them with a belt or a fitted jacket.

Another advantage that the jersey offers, over other dresses by comparison, is that jersey dresses are easy to add layers over. Also, they work perfectly well, all by themselves, which makes them the perfect transitional pieces for late-winter and pre-spring when the days are neither too cold to add multiple layers nor too warm to lose the layers and slip into a pair of cotton shorts!

Looking for a nice jersey dress? You search ends here at Athleta; the e-store stocks a well-curated collection of jersey dresses in incredible colors and fascinating styles that are sure to leave you spell bound! And, what’s more? Shop anytime between March 6 and 11, 2015 and you can bag a fabulous 25% off regular-priced dresses only with Athleta online coupons! All you have to do is, enter the Athleta coupon code DRESS20 at checkout to redeem the offer.

Hurry and shop before stocks run out!

March 6th, 2015

Workout like a Star!

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Floral Fade Chi Tank

Floral Fade Chi Tank

If you notice stars and their workout outfits, there is always this one thing that makes them standout stunners: it’s the fact that they put in the same kind of attention into workout clothes as they do for a stunning red carpet outfit. And, the reason is pretty simple; they want to look and feel great even during a tough workout session. It makes for a great motivation factor and, probably this is what makes them stars!

And hey, just because you’re not movie star is no excuse for you to dress up in baggy loungewear during workouts. You can look just as stunning as your favorite stars with the right kind of workout clothes.

Now that you know your workout style is almost as important as your street style, it’s time to get shopping at Athleta to find the hottest styles and latest trends. Why now, might you ask; well, if you shop between February 13 and 16, 2015, you can avail the free 2-day shipping offer at Athleta and get all your stuff shipped to you for free.

Pick a nice ¾-length Capri pants or go with a pair of full-length tights or leggings and for tops, you can always wear a casual tank top but invest in a couple of multi-color printed tank tops from Athleta to establish some swag and style to your usual routine.

Feel confident and trendy with the exciting range of workout wear from Athleta and enjoy incredible discounts with Athleta online coupons! Simply enter the Athleta coupon code FREE2DAY at checkout to redeem the offer. Shop before February 16, 2015, to avail this fabulous offer!

Happy shopping!

February 13th, 2015

Trendy Yoga Pants

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Floral Flow Chaturanga™ Tights

Floral Flow Chaturanga™ Tights

With Sam Faiers and other celebrities opting for toned abs and hot looks, it’s no big deal that yoga pants are becoming the new alternative to your trusted jeans. Can they be your new best friend and shadow skinny jeans? It remains to be seen! This arising trend dawns new light on the few fashion lovers, who love sporting their yoga pants everywhere, from the gym to the streets and even to work!

Similar to sweat pants, the trend of wearing yoga pants is breaking out from the gyms and slowly moving towards the mainstream fashion arenas. When exciting workout gear looks better than your normal jeans, it also gives you a good reason to stay fit and fashionable! So why not try it!

With increasing pressure everyday to look good at all times, it’s time to wear your printed yoga pants outside the gym. Even big designer names like Calvin Klein and Stella Mc Cartney have launched their own fashion fitness lines that marry fitness with fashion, paving the way for a new evolution in the history of fitness wear.

All these changes in the fashion scene is sending a message! That you need to try out yoga pants for your casual day out. Even if you’re a conservative dresser wearing a pair of yoga pants with a slouchy sweater top or a pair of boyfriend plaid shirt is going to be absolutely cool!

Choose from a wide range of athletic pants in various prints and bright colors from Athleta and style away! Shop before January 19, 2015 and bag a good 20% off your purchase with Athleta online coupons. Simply key in the Athleta coupon code ATHLETA20 at checkout to redeem the offer.

January 16th, 2015

Kim K Looks Effortlessly Stylish in Workout-wear!

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Running Wild Taped Half Zip

Running Wild Taped Half Zip

For a star of her caliber looking good shouldn’t be that hard; but looking good in workout clothes? Now that’s a feat that takes a lot of effort! But for reality star Kim Kardashian, looking flawless in workout clothes is almost natural! And, just like any other red-carpet look, she rocks the post-workout gym look to perfection. Take a look…

Spotted outside her gym in Sherman Oaks, California on December 18, 2014, Kim was dressed in a pair of curve-hugging black leggings, an extra-long top in black and a zip-up hoodie, also in black. The 34-year old star perfected her all-black gym look with a nice black top tied around her waist and a pair of black sneakers. Kim opted for an au-natural look sans any make-up and proved that anyone can look hot in workout wear; all you need to nail this magical feat is to get activewear that fits you right!

If you’re looking for a place to shop for fabulous active wear, stop by at Athleta. The e-store stocks a huge collection of activewear including sportswear, tops, sweaters, jackets, shoes and accessories. And, if you’re looking for a couple of comfortable dresses, then we’ve got you covered with a nice collection of jersey dresses at Athleta. Shop before December 31, 2014 and avail a good 20% discount on sale styles. Just key in the Athleta coupon code SALE20 at checkout to redeem the offer.

Enjoy amazing discounts with Athleta online coupons!

December 26th, 2014

Work Out In Style Like Hilary Duff!

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Canyon Lands Half Zip

Canyon Lands Half Zip

A Cinderella Story actress, Hilary Duff looks super trim and gorgeous these days. While her tough-girl workout regime seems to be paying off really well, here are a few style tips from the gorgeous star who never fails to impress, even in work-out clothes.

Hilary’s work-out staple is consistent; she seems to prefer a pair of ¾ Capri tights or leggings with a loose tee shirt for workouts. The 26-year old actress, who loves to sport off-beat street styles, brings that laid-back style to her workout too. Every time you see her heading out of the gym or rushing in for a work out, she is all dressed up and ready for a game in a pair of leggings and colorful tee shirts.

She was spotted on October 16, 2014, in West Hollywood, California, taking a brisk walk dresses in pair of black leggings and a loose-fitting green tee and had a black and white plaid shirt tied around her waist. The actress looked amazingly fresh and beautiful; but for her hair pulled into a tight knot, it would be impossible to believe that Hilary had just had a work out session. Now, that’s what you call working out in style!

Mimic Hilary’s style in a pair of leggings and a top from Athleta and enjoy an amazing 20% off sale styles with Athleta online coupons! Simply enter the Athleta coupon code SALE20 at checkout. Hurry, this offer is valid only till December 15, 2014.

December 13th, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Cowl Neck Sweater Dress

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Cowl Sweater Dress

Cowl Sweater Dress

Whether you’re going for a happening party or a date, dressing up in a sexy dress can leave you feeling a little cold, considering it’s winter. But, would it be strictly off the charts to go dressed up in something that’s comfortable, keeps your warm and looks sexy on you? Ladies, say hello to the cowl neck sweater dress! It’s beautiful, simple, elegant and with its curve-hugging nature, you can be assured of the sexiness factor. So, here are a few ways to style this dress…

If you’ve picked a cowl neck sweater dress with some patterns on it, then you’re already on your way to fashion stardom. Simple as it is, this printed cowl neck dress does not need much styling. So, you can give it a go! But, if you insist on styling, go easy with the accessories and stick to a gold chain and a pair of gold danglers.

If you want to style a solid cowl neck sweater dress, you can do it the classy way with a pair of leggings and boots or high-heel pumps. If you want a look that screams ‘look-at-me’ then go with a contrast colored leather belt or a sparkly metallic belt!

For a casually put-together and effortless look, wear your cowl neck sweater dress with a pair of faded skinny jeans, tan booties and a printed cardigan. Carry a large tote and put up your hair in a messy bun to complete that I-don’t-care-but-I know-I-look-good look!

Looking for a pretty cowl neck sweater dress? Checkout the new collection at Athleta and bag a fabulous 20% discount on your purchase with Athleta online coupons! Simply key in the Athleta coupon code DRESS20 at checkout to redeem the offer.

Hurry, this offer ends by December 12, 2014.

December 9th, 2014

Alternate Winter Workouts – Yoga!

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Icy Chaturanga™ Tight

Icy Chaturanga™ Tight

If there’s one common thing that dieticians and heath consultants agree about, it is the fact that most people give winter workouts a good skip. Their excuse – it’s too cold outside to step out, let alone do anything fun or remotely related to working out. Instead of going with this excuse, how about you step your fitness game a step further and adapt an alternate form of workout for this winter?

Yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility and muscular strength. Unlike many modern methods of fitness, that if done without the aid of a proper trainer can cause harm, yoga poses no such threats. Yoga is just about for anyone and everyone who want to give this fitness regime a try.

Think you’re too old to start working out, switch to yoga. It’s not just about bending and flexing your muscles. Yoga helps improve muscle strength, increases proper tone of muscles and helps maintain a proper metabolism. Apart from these, yoga also helps you reduce you weight and manage your weight at an optimum level once you’ve managed to lose some pounds. Yoga helps improve blood circulation, respiration, increases athletic abilities and improves cardio vascular functions.

With a whole lot of health benefits, it’s about time you tried it too. And, if you’re looking for some yoga clothes, you’re in luck; ‘cos Athleta offers an extra 20% off sale items. Simply enter the Athleta coupon code SALE20 at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only till December 8, 2014.

Happy shopping with Athleta online coupons!

December 6th, 2014

Why Do You Need Activewear while Working Out!

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Miles Compression Tights

Miles Compression Tights

Why do you need to wear the right kind of clothes while working out? After all, at the end of the session you’re going to be sweating a lot, so anything you wear should be fine, right? But the truth is actually quite contrary. You need the help of activewear to pursue vigorous sports or fitness regimes. Read on to find out more…

You can choose any form of fitness; you could go running, practice yoga or athletics, work out at the gym, opt for dancing or pursue any active sports to keep yourself fit. But whatever you do, you need to have the right kind of activewear to support you in your endeavor.

And, when it comes to choosing activewear, there are two different categories in play. You have active shapewear on one hand and compression wear on the other. Active shapewear is designed with slimming panels that shape your muscles and tone them down to a size or two. They help tighten loose muscles and also help keep your body supple but strong enough for workouts. Shapewear mainly helps boost your confidence levels and makes you look flattering in your workout clothes.

Compression wear, on the other hand, is a whole new ball game. They are mainly designed for workouts but serve therapeutic and medicinal purposes too. Compression wear has the ability to support your muscles and protect them from injury and are also known to increase your athletic ability.

So, have you figured out what to wear for your workouts? Shop at Athleta to find amazing activewear and avail a 20% discount on your purchase with Athleta online coupons. Simply enter the Athleta coupon code CYBER20 at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only for today, December 1, 2014.

December 1st, 2014